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Frequently Asked Questions


1. We are interested in your services what is the next step?

 Let’s meet? We enjoy meeting new faces and drinking coffee - let’s meet somewhere and look through wedding albums and talk about life, love and pictures!


2. How do we book you for our photographer?

Please fill out the “Contact Form” on the site to begin the process - to book requires 50% of the contract amount paid at the time of signing. We prefer to meet for a consultation, but do not require it for out of town clients.


3. How long have you been in business? What is your experience? 

I photographed my first wedding about 15 years ago at the insistence of my first year photography instructor. That evolved naturally into weddings for friends and family for many years. In 2009 I was fortunate to become a lead-photographer for a St. Louis based photography company and then in 2010 my wife and I officially began DM Photography in our native homeland of Southern Illinois.


4. Do you travel? Are you available out of state? 

 We will happily travel to warm and sunny places. If your event is taking place within 75 miles of Ozark, IL. there are no extra travel expenses. Beyond that we have very reasonable rates and have enjoyed shooting on Lake Michigan in the winter, Savannah, GA in the summer, Washington, Florida, L’Ville, Indy, and all across the beautiful Heartland. 


5. Do you offer discounts?

 Yes. If you are having an off-season wedding (December - March) or a non-Saturday wedding, have military service, or just happen to be a really lovely couple…we might just be able to work out a deal. See our "Pricing" Page


6. What about rest periods and meals included on contracts?

 For 8 hours or more of coverage we will find the most convenient times to "take five." As for meals, it is customary for the vendors to be included in the dinner, contact the venue or caterer who may have an alternative room for the photographer, videographer and vendors to eat. 


7. What kind of equipment do you use? 

Our work horses are Canon Full Frame DSLR cameras and have used everything from 1D to 5D series cameras and currently are rocking 6D camera bodies. 

Now for the exciting part. 

Glass. I like big glass. My favorite lenses: Canon 135mm f2L, Sigma 50mm f1.4 ART, Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART, Canon 14mm f2.8L, Canon 100mm f2.8L IS Macro, Sigma 24-35 f2 ART

Our look is sharp - eye-lash catching shots with backgrounds that melt into smooth warm buttery goodness.

Other Equipment

We also have a thing for light. For those smooth bridal closeups prior to the ceremony we break out a Westcott 7 foot Parabolic umbrella with bare-bulb flash. For the hard, edgy, slightly shady groom shots - I prefer Elinchrom strip boxes. For run-n-gun shooting outside we use only the very best German engineered California Sunbounce. 

And you may see us shoot with a Fuji X100s Sony RX1 Fuji xPRO 2 and Fuji Instax Mini and Large and maybe my iPhone 7 plus

Nothing that I've mentioned above has ever got anyone's attention as much as our camera-carrying utility belts. Yes, they are called Spider Holsters and they are the coolest. No one likes a camera strap.


8. Do you have backup gear in the event something goes wrong?

 We have backups for our backups.


9. Do you take Cash, Check or Card?

 Yes, with emphasis on Check. And Gold Bullion stored in off-shore accounts. We do Credit Card and Debit Card processing through PayPal, its fast, safe and only cost us about $75.00 to process your payment. Yes. True story.

We will also trade services because we are hip like that. Let us know what you do and we can at least do partial payment. No kidding, we once traded vegetable farmers for weekly delivery of crops. It was amazing! And tax-free! 

10. Ask a question and I'll be happy to add a 10th!